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Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre

The Canberra Environment & Sustainability Resource Centre was established in 1974, under the name of the ACT Environment Centre. It changed its name to the Canberra and South East Region Environment Centre (CASEREC) in 1976. The aim of the Centre was to provide a focal point for the growing environment movement in the capital and surrounding region by being an umbrella organisation for the large number of diverse environment groups in the region. We occupied the premises between Kingsley and Childers Sts in the picture above from 1978 to the start of 2007. In March 2007 the Centre moved into a demountable on campus at the Australian National University next to the National Museum to make way for the ANU Exchange development in the whole City West precinct.

A Canberra Times article in June 1978 described CASEREC, known widely as the Environment Centre, as linking 18 regional environment groups. The article says:

The Centre is basically concerned with public information, awareness and involvement across the spectrum of environment concerns from air, water, flora and fauna to town planning, transport, industry and recreation.

Now, perhaps even more than back in the 1970s, the need for sound information about environmental issues is crucial. Our society’s interaction with the environment is dynamic and variable, and in order to address each new challenge, practitioners in environmental work must move with each change.

The Centre changed its name to the Canberra Environment & Sustainability Resource Centre to better reflect the directions of environmental thought and work in the 21st century. While the concerns remain the same as they were in 1974, the principles of ecologically sustainable development and a whole-of-community approach have been adopted as the best way to keep our increasingly environmentally aware society informed. Business and industry as well as community groups and schools must be included in order to ensure that the richness and diversity of the ACT and south east region’s environment is preserved and enriched through our activities.

The Canberra Environment & Sustainability Resource Centre is proud of its history and is thankful that we have over 30 years of environmental dedication to draw upon as we face the challenges of continuing to provide the Canberra and regional community with information and environmental resources in the unfolding century.





Street address:
Corner Lawson Crescent and Lennox Crossing

Postal address:
GPO Box 1875
Canberra ACT 2601

02 6248 0885

02 6247 3064

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