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National Parks Association ACT (NPAACT)

In 1960 the NPA ACT was established with the objective of getting a National Park for the National Capital. This goal was achieved in 1984 when Namadgi National Park was proclaimed. Today, the Association's work promotes national parks and protection of our fauna and flora, scenery, natural features and cultural heritage. We do this by lobbying and by hands-on work parties. Our outdoor activities include field trips, work parties, day walks and longer pack walks, and car camps, to enable members to better appreciate and enjoy the natural phenomena and cultural heritage. Our quarterly Bulletin is packed with interesting articles on the environment, related issues and members' experiences in the bush.  We also publish a range of field guides. At our monthly general meetings, which bring members together to talk with the committee formally and over supper, guest speakers address a wide range of topics. 

Office: The NPA ACT office is located in the building of the Conservation Council of the South East Region and Canberra, however it is only staffed by volunteers on an irregular basis.  Mail from the post office box is cleared daily and most telephone messages are attended to daily.

Postal Address:  GPO Box 544, Canberra ACT 2601

Street Address: ConsACT building, 3 Childers Street, Civic (at the corner with Allsop Street)

Telephone:  02 6229 3201 or 0412 071 382

Fax: 02 6248 5343


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