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Land Development Agency: Kingston Storyboards

The Kingston Storyboards currently stretch more than 500 metres along Wentworth Avenue and Cunningham Street in Kingston.  These storyboards depict the rich history of Kingston and trace the many transformations the area has undergone including its Indigenous occupation, its time as farming land, its period as an industrial centre and now as a thriving residential and commercial precinct with a strong arts and cultural focus.

The LDA has now transformed these storyboards into a digital format to make them more accessible to the public. They can be viewed online at www.lda.act.gov.au/kingston_storyboards

Land Development Agency

Level 6, TransACT House, 470 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson ACT 2602

Phone: 02 6205 9973

Web:  www.lda.act.gov.au


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